eFatoora and e-Mal Partner With PayTabs for End-to-End Payment Solutions in the UAE

Category: FINANCE
Source: e-Mal

eFatoora, a paperless solution using unique technology and smart contracts , has partnered with PayTabs, a Bahrain-based company that processes payments securely and efficiently, to deliver end-to-end payments in the UAE, collaborating to build a secure, seamless payment platform to enhance the user experience in the UAE.

As part of eFatoora’s business expansion, eFatoora today announced that they had strategically aligned with PayTabs, MENA’s trusted payment solutions firm, to enrich the user experience by developing an agile payments platform. This hallmark agreement will see eFatoora not only leading the way in the government and retail sectors but venturing into the fintech platform which connects diverse economic segments.

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