e-Mal Powered by eFatoora Launch Dubai’s Own Version of Paytm on Blockchain by e-Mal

Source: e-Mal

eFatoora officially launches, e-Mal (Dubai’s very own e-Money Fin-Tech Platform based on Blockchain), a smart Economy on Smart Contract on the 16thof July 2018. The e-Mal ecosystem is based on the blockchain technology and has been under development since early 2018 (completing R&D in 2017). Under the eFatoora umbrella, e-Mal thrives and follows the UAE’s agenda of “City on the Blockchain” and is committed to a “Sustainable Environment”.

e-Mal platform is a blockchain-based digital wallet which is a store of Fiat and Digital Currencies in one place. The architecture of the e-Mal platform links Financial Services and Utility Services on the one platform creating full-fledged, blockchain based (written in Smart Contracts) transaction hubs. e-Mal Coin, launching as EML Token will be the digital currency of e-Mal, which is the enabler of e-Mal Digital wallet and services onboarded on each of the hubs. For the first time, a digital wallet is launched with a ready Merchant onboarding platform, catering to the Merchants/ Service providers dashboard and reporting requirements along with enabling them to the digital economy and take part in secure transactions stored in unique blocks on the blockchain and ready to use.

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