E-Mal Powered by eFatoora Shortlisted by Telecom Leader Etisalat

Published Date: 23rd Jan 2019
Source: e-Mal

e-Mal caters to both micro and macroeconomic segments by creating a hub which promotes financial transactions using blockchain technology at minimum costs to the un-banked and migrant population of the United Arab Emirates. Such financial hubs/exchanges are yet to be developed in the Smart Economy. e-Mal is creating it and transforming the concept into a reality. The e-Mal financial hub will not only allow cross-border transfers but will also act as a trading hub for international exchanges and digital currencies. e-Mal aims to build a society where financial inclusion and betterment of standard of living is a priority. Whether it be employers, consumers or migrants, e-Mal is the infrastructure and platform which bridges the gaps while making sure that today’s digital economy is run with green and eco-friendly initiatives. The e-Mal products can be used by everyone.

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