E-Mal Powered by eFatoora Gets License Approval

Published Date: 23rd Jan 2019
Source: e-Mal

e-Mal, a new startup in the UAE powered by eFatoora, gets the blessing from the UAE Government for Financial License. Both companies are focused on the betterment of the society and the environment we live in.

eFatoora promotes sustainability – and this word is not just applicable to the environment but to the life cycle of every single individual. Along with creating an environment which is greener and cleaner for our next generations, eFatoora is also focusing on creating a financial eco-system which will bring together and connect societies who are excluded from even minimum levels of financial “freedom.” eFatoora, Dubai, is one of the companies driven by the “Smart Dubai Vision 2021,” promoting sustainability and an eco-friendly environment. eFatoora is committed to society and its people and the generations ahead, and at the core of the company lies passion and drive to place our products into the market in such a way that benefit consumers and the society we live in.

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