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E-Mal Powered by eFatoora Promotes Regulation in the Crypto and ICO Industry

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Dubai is the international business and trading hub of the MENA region. Dubai has near-zero taxation, outstanding lifestyle attractions, advanced physical infrastructure and a safe environment. In the next step towards its ambitious grand plan, Dubai

E-Mal Powered by eFatoora Shortlisted by Telecom Leader Etisalat


e-Mal caters to both micro and macroeconomic segments by creating a hub which promotes financial transactions using blockchain technology at minimum costs to the un-banked and migrant population of the United Arab Emirates. Such financial h

E-Mal Powered by eFatoora Gets License Approval


e-Mal, a new startup in the UAE powered by eFatoora, gets the blessing from the UAE Government for Financial License. Both companies are focused on the betterment of the society and the environment we live in. eFatoora promotes sust

Celebrate Lost Penny Day e-Mal Way!

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When you consider it, pennies are a genuine annoyance. They’re little and apparently practically useless, and in spite of putting them securely in your wallet or handbag, they generally appear to end up hindering the channel on your laundry, de

With diversity comes prosperity – The story of e-Mal


The UAE has built up its stature as a leading country in spreading the benefits of giving and serene concurrence among communities and a driver of cooperation, resistance, and discourse between religions around the globe. Shaikh Bin Bayyah said the s

5 Reasons why we should use the e-Mal Digital wallet


As online and mobile commerce channels continue to expand due to the progress made in FinTech, Dubai, and with emerging technologies and trends changing expectations of the in-store experience, brick-and-mortar retailers are being forced to re-evalua



When it comes to payment options, consumers are discerning about where and how much they pay. These users are also extremely aggressive in seeking out value and discount. They are also bombarded with various promotions – many irrelevant yet the

Blockchain and Digital wallet trends paves way for e-Mal’s emergence


This innovation has been in presence for around 10 years. It is fundamental to advanced digital currency frameworks; this innovation supports all activities. However, the creation in 2017 of new blockchain stages, for example, Ethereum, Stellar and H

Cyber Crime: An attempt to conduct crimes by criminals for achieving their illegal ends using electronic devices with skill.


So, you think your computer, mobile phone filled with apps is the best thing you own? Does one actually take the time to protect it? It all starts with cleaning out the spider webs and adding in Anti-Virus to ensure your device has at least minimal p

#RoadToEMLTournament launched! Win exciting prizes, vouchers and much more with e-Mal!


Dear #EMLuniverse, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your constant support towards e-Mal and the ecosystem we are building. Here’s a giveaway, just for you! To celebrate our users, we are launching the Round 1 of our #R