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e-Mal is a safe method to make debit and credit card payments using your compatible mobile (“Mobile”). This Privacy Disclaimer describes how information relating to you (including your personally identifiable data and information - "PD") will be collected, used and shared in the course of your use of e-Mal and to provide e-Mal to you. e-Mal ( “we”, “us”, “our”) will be responsible for such information and for collecting, using and sharing it in accordance with this Privacy Disclaimer. By using e-Mal, you will be deemed to have unconditionally agreed to the terms of this Privacy Disclaimer, and consented to the practices in respect of the collection, use and sharing of such information in the manner described in this Privacy Disclaimer

Further information on how you can contact us with any questions on this Privacy Disclaimer or our practices is set out below.

1- Usage To use e-Mal and e-Mal services, you must first register and must also agree to the e-Mal Terms of Service (available on e-Mal Wallet Application).

Once these steps have been completed, you must enroll a debit or credit card on e-Mal. To initiate this process, you must create a PIN code & enter certain card and account details by following the instructions on the screen. The card information and billing information provided are encrypted on the Mobile and are sent to your card issuer/bank and relevant payment network.

2- Verification and Activation Certain identification and verification information must also be sent to your card issuer/bank and payment network so they can verify that you are who you say you are, and send you the right terms of service that you need to agree on with them. This information includes e-Mal Account information (e.g. date e-Mal Account was created, whether the e-Mal Account is tied to your Mobile) and information relating to your usage of e-Mal;

Once your debit or credit card has been enrolled on e-Mal, your card issuer/bank creates a unique token ID for your card and device enabling you to generate transaction security codes from e-Mal, which allows you to make payments on your Mobile using e-Mal. Before your token ID is sent, this data is encrypted and then sent by your card issuer/bank to your Mobile. This data is then stored in a secure area along with your customer details in a e-Mal Database.

3- Payments When you initiate a payment on your Mobile using e-Mal, your Mobile will show the recent transaction history. This information is accessible only to you, e-Mal and your card issuer/bank. There are no payments made directly to e-Mal for usage of our service/product. Any charges are subject to third party transaction charge.

4- Data As described in the e-Mal Privacy Policy, in addition to your e-Mal Account information and other PD (Personal Data) described in this Privacy Disclaimer, we also collect information regarding your use of the e-Mal application. This information includes technical information such as card issuer and transaction date and time. We use the information we collect to understand the way people use e-Mal so that we can improve it by making it more convenient and useful, including in particular:

- identifying usage trends, problems, failures and issues with e-Mal to better support our customers and other users of e-Mal (such as card issuers/banks and payment networks); - assessing how people view and use e-Mal to allow us to improve and better develop our offering and service; and - offering promotional incentives and benefits for our customers.

To whom do we disclose your PD?

In addition to disclosures to your card issuer/bank and payment network, we may disclose your PD to third parties to provide a service you request in connection with e-Mal, and to third parties involved in the process of providing services on behalf of e-Mal in connection with e-Mal to allow such third parties to provide such services on behalf of e-Mal.

How do we keep your PD secure?

We have put in place reasonable physical and technical measures to safeguard the PD we collect in connection with e-Mal. However, please note that although we take reasonable steps to protect your PD, no website, Internet transmission, computer system or wireless connection is completely secure.

Who do you contact if you have any questions?

If you have any questions about e-Mal, please contact us through our customer support. 

Note: e-Mal is primarily a Singapore licensed entity. e-Mal eagerly awaits the Central Bank of UAE stipulation, rules and regulation for crypto currency. There is no token sale for e-Mal within the UAE.

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